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Jim Neumann: Tips for Entrepreneurial Success

· Jim Neumann

Jim Neumann, a successful entrepreneur who lives and works in Scottsdale, Arizona, is the CEO of the outdoor media firm known as Optic Outdoor Signs Inc., and of OOS Investments LLC.

His entrepreneurial leadership has earned him recognition and awards on multiple occasions, and he’s not stopping anytime soon. Jim Neumann also serves as the President of Glass Half Full, which has multiple restaurant and bar concepts in the United States.

Jim Neumann

Tips like these can help you build a successful entrepreneurial career like Jim Neumann’s:

· Set Reasonable Goals and Milestones

A big entrepreneurial vision is great, but you must also make a solid plan with reasonable goals and milestones to guide you to success. Create short- and long-term goals, define your paths to achieve them, and give each goal or milestone a deadline.

· Budget for Advertising

Advertising, ranging from billboards like those offered by Mr. Neumann’s OOS to internet and television ads is necessary. New companies rarely succeed without an advertising budget – those that invest invisibility, however, have a better chance at taking off.

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